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June 24, 2013
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Ok this is a lemon so it has a little 'Kick' to it lol so if you don't like lemons but prefer to read the sorry i'm going to tell you when the part will start but if you love lemons and wanna read my story for all means read on lol 

~With love Ren...

You were woken by the usual sound of an alarm going off beside of you in your room, 'What the fuuuuuck...' you thought as you sat up in bed quit lifeless. All you wanted to do was go to sleep and lay in these comfortable sheets but, you had work to do and you knew if you didn't you would catch a ear full from the tall man himself. "[Name] still asleep i see!" said a smirking demon coming through your laptop, you rolled your eyes "What do you want Ben?" you said with a huff. "I don't get a good morning? Or a how was your night?" He asked, You smirked "NOPE!" you said walking to the bathroom to get ready for today's mission.

-This time skip was brought to you by Smile Dogs Smile 'Spread The Word'-

You walked down stairs to see Slenderman in the living room eyeing everyone down like they're a pack of soon to be victims, "[Name!]" He shouted it made you jump and look at him, "Y-yes?..." You questioned. "You're a bit late what took you so long?" he asked looking at, "I woke up to late my bad Slendy..." You said smiling nervously. He sighed and began to  give people their missions usually you would do a mission solo but because of the uprising in security around the state everyone had to be paired with someone for extra protection. Slenderman ended up pairing you up with Masky,it kinda sent a slit chill down your spin seeing him approach you and sit next to you. It wasn't that Masky terrified you but something about him kinda made you feel... uneasy, every time you were around him your stomach would knot up and your words would get caught in your throat. But, you didn't understand why it was with only him? When you're with Jeff you to joke around and even toy with you victims when you're with Ben you to joke and he often tempts to perv out but you always manage to put him back in his place, When you're with Hoodie or Jack its always quiet and precise but, with masky it always awkward silence and uncomfortable smiles at each other, then that feeling starts to come back.

To tell you the truth the feeling you were feeling around Masky was called 'Love' you loved Masky but was to scared to attempt anything in fear that things might get even more awkward. Nether the less you to set off on your mission to the wood to kill the local civilians at the camping sites, It was a quiet  walk there all you could here was the sound of footsteps following close behind you. You finally reached the campers and hid in the bush, "What is the plan?" You whispered to Masky who was peeking through the bush. "We kill them off one by one..." he whispered back throwing a rocking deep into the woods, making one of them jump and the other one get up to find out what that sound was. 'Typical mortals...' you thought getting out your knife and following the guy not to close behind. As Masky took care of the girl Stabbing her to death she let out a loud shriek which alarmed the guy he went to run back to her but you tripped him and jumped on top of him putting the knife to his throat with that crazed grin on your face. "WHAT THE FUCK!" He shouted trying to get you off him but it was no use you had an iron grip around his neck, "Stop struggling! it will be over soon!" with that you dug your knife into his neck slitting his throat, as you washed him die slowly you lick the blood of the knife.

Masky was watching you from a distance, he could feel himself get that strange feeling again. But, instead of shrugging it off he had plan to finally tell you how he really felt about you. As you two were walking home it was quite but Masky never took his eyes off you, "WHAT?!" you said finally snapping. He let out a sigh and looked away "look... Masky i'm sorry but i have to get this off my chest..." you said, "Go on..." He urged. You sighed and a pink blush formed on your ice cold face, "I...I think i like you..." There was a long silence after you said that, "I'm sorry..." you were about to walk away but he grabbed your arm and with the other lifting his mask up stopping at his lips pulling you into a kiss. You were a bit shocked at first but eased into it.

His tongue swept across your bottom lip wanting entrance which you gladly let,his tongue explored every part of your wet cavern. You began to moan into the kiss as his hand began to lower to your chest groping you're boob hard in his hand making you gasp, letting him put his tongue deeper into your mouth. He teased your nipple pinching and pulling at them through your shirt making you moan helplessly as he started to kiss and bite your neck. He finally bit down on a part on you neck that made you moan louder, he smirked against your skin beginning to tease and abuse the spot. Making you moan his name. 

He removed your shirt and shorts laying you on the soft glass. He eyed your body up and down making blush and turn away from his gaze, He turned your head towards him, "Don't hide from me [name]..." he said kissing you again. he kissed down your chest stopping at your bra which he quickly removed, You tried to cover your chest but was quickly restrained as he grabbed your wrist and held them over your head as he took one bud into his mouth, groping the other one.He bit down on your nipple hard yet gently making you a moaning mess underneath him.

He let go of your wrist and kissed down your stomach stopping at your panties, "Aren't we excited?~" he said in a seductive tone while starting rubbing your womanhood. "M-masky... don't t-tease me..." you manage to say through breathless moans, He smirked and pulled your pantied off, "Your so wet..." He said inserting two finger inside of you. You gasped at the sudden intrusion and bucked your hips to match his thrusts moaning and grabbing the grass around you.

You could feel the muscle in your stomach tighten you were about to climax but just as you were he removed your fingers making you growl wanting to climax and feel sweet release. He smirked and licked his fingers dry of the sweet and salty liquid.making you even more wet if possible. You reached up and tugged at his shirt, "'re overdressed..." You whined he smirked and began to take of his clothes slowly as if he was teasing you. If you weren't so well composed you would have passed out due to losing so much blood, his body was nosebleed worthy. 

You felt on his chest and lowered your hands to the V trail leading down to his hard member, 'Is that even gonna fit?!?' you thought to yourself turning crimson red. he noticed your hesitation and kissed you, "Don't worry [name], it will only hurt for a bit..." with that he pushed himself inside of you slowly. You gasped and clutched onto his arm holding it tight as he continued to enter you. He waited a few minuted before moving to letting you adjust to his 'Big' size 

"M-move..." you said, He started to thrust into you at a steady pace making you moan softly but quickened his pace as he got closer to release. Sooner or later he was pounding into you merciless making you scream his name and moan loudly, you felt that knot in your stomach again. You were about to climax and so was he with one last powerful thrust he cam and so did you, everything went white as you slid into deep bliss.

[name]..." Masky said through the pants, "Y-yes..." you said still coming off the orgasm. "I love you too..." he said kissing your cheek, you smiled and blushed, "I love you too..."

RQ for ~SkylaTheKiller
hope you like it I know Masky did :iconpervyslendermanplz:
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DarkRainbowRoses Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  New member Student
Wow that was very good :) I liked it
ghostgirl109 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the lemon is real man
Rikuoandtsurara4ever Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is SOOO lemony... I APPROVE OF IT! :iconthumbsupplz:
ArtisticLioness Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
RyokaBakara Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Yup my fav character is Maskyand my friends fav is ben I will show her your ben x reader(s)
IfYouSayYouLoveMe Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Student General Artist
ahhhh I'm dying that was actually hot. I was like uguuuuuuu the whole time and cringed at the killing, buuuuut it was hot.
Hotbritishvampire Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Toxic: *nose bleed*
Masky: *walks up and sees nose bleed* Hey love whats wrong?
Toxic: NOTHING! *quickly tries shutting*
Masky: *quickly takes laptop and reads through, looks at*
Toxic: *blushes*
Masky: You could have just asked. *picks up and carries to their room*
Toxic: *squeals*
Ben: Looks like Toxic is getting fucked again tonight.
XxDeepthroatxX Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me:*starts to read then masky walks in*
Masky:sorrow what are you reading
Me:N-NOTHING*tries to shut labtop but masky grabs it before i could get it*
Masky: *scaning though it looks up and grabs my hips bringing me closer to him*
Masky: Its okLuffy Anime Emoji (Blush) [V2] Seal Icon 
LeonicMoon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
me: *nose starts bleeding*
Friend disguised as Masky: Is everything alright Staria?
Friend disguised as Masky: I know...*takes off mask* Cause I'm the one that dared you...
me: get. the. F***. out. NOW.
Pikachoochoochoo Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
Wait what if that was Slendys woods and he saw the whole thing.... :iconpervyslendermanplz:
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