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July 22, 2013
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Your P.O.V

"I just don't like the fact that you're spending so much time in the woods doing lord knows what [name]!" said my mom with a worried look on her face, " [mom's name] calm down she is 16 years old she can handle herself..." said my dad defending me like always. "Yea mom i'm fine just hanging out with a friend from school..." i said moving a strand of hair away from my face. "A friend? huh... its a boy isn't it! Why haven't you brought him by the house already!" My mom said looking at me with happy yet angry eyes. I gulped and the thought of them meeting my 10 foot tall  'Friend' 'They would flip a script if i brought him home to them...' i thought to myself. "[name]?" said my dad snapping his fingers together in front of my face, "huh?!" i said looking at him, "You okay hun you zoned out there." he said chuckling and patting me on my head. I smiled and nodded "yea i'm fine..." "so are we gonna meet this boy?" ask my mom crossing her arms, "uh... yea soon enough!" i said running up stairs into my room. 'What am i gonna do...'

Slenderman's P.O.V

Sh kissed me... no i had to be dreaming, nope i'm awake. I sigh and facepalm 'I'm acting like BEN after he wins a game... i need to get a hold of myself...' i thought. I need to see her again, I was about to open up a portal to the human world when my annoying older brother barged in. "YOUR IN LOVE WITH A GIRL!" he yelled smiling at me, "WHAT?!? NO! I love no girl..." I said turning to him. "Oh you're lying because The Rake said that you protected a victim from him and it was a girl!" He said patting me on the head, "And since when do you ever trust The Rake?" I said crossing my arms. "I... hmm... i guess you're right he is a bit off his rocker... Probably wanted to stir something up... Nevermind Slendy!" He said walking out the room. 'That little snitch... I'll kill him!' I thought angrily as my tentacles last back and forth, 'But first i have some business to take care of'

Your P.O.V

I had just got out the shower and it was already 1:20 in the morning I sat in my bed and watched tv until i heard a tap at my window, I looked and saw my 'Friend' Slenderman i smiled at him and opened my window. "What are you doing here my parents could see you" i whispered. "I'm sorry but i had to see you... ever since that... incident in the wood i felt funny and couldn't get you off my mind" He said shrinking down to my size but he was still taller than me, I kissed his cheek again as i helped him crawl in through my window. He blushes and sat on my bed facing the ground, "I have a confession my self you know..." I started, he faced me. "I think i've caught feelings for you to..." I said blushing and looking away, I felt his tentacles lift up my chin to his face and she began to open his jaw showing his mouth. I blushed you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know what was about to happen next he leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips the kiss began to get more heated until i heard my dad begin to walk up stairs i pulls away. "shit! need to go now!" i said get up. He nodded and opened a portal as he was about to leave i tugs at his suit, "Does this mean were... dating..." i asked shyly. "Of course..." he said kissing me on the forehead and leaving, "Yes!...." 
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