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May 27, 2013
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Your P.O.V
Ever since that night i have always been questioning the supernatural. 'Maybe it was just a dream...' I thought, 'But it seemed so real!', well it made no since for me to just sit here and worry about it i went out to search for him or it. I ran and searched through the forest which felt like forever. I was so caught up in the search i didn't notice that the sky's had darkened only to have the fluorescent moon being my night light. "Oh's gonna have a cow if i'm late" i turned back towards home but something had caught my attention, 'That note!' i thought to myself. I reached out and took the note from the tree "Come To Me..." I could feel my heart beat fast as to what it meant, no doubt he wanted me... But for what? A gust of wind blew passed me sending a chill down my spine my eyes directed toward another white slip of paper on another tree further down from this one. My curiosity peeked and i went to the next note "Follow..."  After a while of following note after note which held nothing but hearts with X's through them i started to feel a bit irritated, yet somehow interested as to where 'he' was leading me. I came upon a cabin located in a opening in the wood, I walked slowly up to the cabin door and knocked on the door to see if anyone was home. 'It's empty' i thought opening the door, I wondered around the cabin looking at old items and pictures of someone's family and kids but the thing that frightened me the most was that in every picture... there faces were gone or scratched out.  As i looked at the pictures appearing to be in a trance i didn't notice that dark luminous shadow drawing itself over mine, I feel the chill run down my back as i turned around to see 'it' staring down at me...

Slender Man's P.O.V
I leaned close to the girl not wanting to scare her but to get a closer look at her physical appearance. "your short for a female... how old are you?" I asked, She looked at me in disbelief as to who or what i was, "I-I'm 16..." she said stuttering. I leaned back up rubbing my chin in deep thought '16...she feels like a perfect mate for me but not physically up to she is a human...' I thought. I felt a slight tug at one of my tentacles and looked down to see her petting it! I blushes and moves it away quickly, She chuckled at my shyness and smiled at me. I had felt this strange feeling when she had touched me it wasn't a bad feeling but a warm feeling. "So what's up with these hearts and X's?" she asked showing me the note, 'She saved the note!' i thought "Uhh... nothing... i just like hearts is all..." i said clearing my throat. She smiled and looked down at the note "Well I like it!" she said energetically which made me jump, "g-glad ya do" i said maintaining my composure. Then we heard the faint sound of her mom calling her home, She looked up at me and frowned "I have to go but... i'll see you tomorrow after school...OK!" she said holding my hand smiling at me. I looked down hiding my blush "yes ma'am" i said, She smiled and ran out of the cabin hurrying home. 'what is this feeling?'

Slenderman X Reader Ch.1_ [link]
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<3 this story is so awesome
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D'aww ^///^
morietur666 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
"she's the perfect mate for me.." ohohohoh~ is that what I think it is? ;)
chipmonk1999 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Omg I didn't know he drew hearts with X's through them.......I was drawing that in class....
aylapie Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww slendy!!!! your so cute!
crystal-moon1 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
my friend when she sees me reagin slender x reader stuff: Icon - 003 Jen (Glare) 

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sashas12 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
i luv it

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I'm a neko!
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